3 Tips to Revitalize Color Treated Hair this Summer

We all want to look our best this summer. If you have color-treated hair, you might find that your beautiful locks are unhealthy, with split ends and a dull look. But you want to run your fingers through your hair, and maybe turn a few heads. No fear! Below are three great tips for revitalizing your damaged hair. For example, Olaplex is an excellent bonding treatment guaranteed to work miracles and repair broken strands. Not only does your hair look amazing when you use Olaplex, it feels amazing. Results are felt immediately after use.


Use a High Quality Hair Repair Product

With so many hair products out there, how can you decide which one is the best for your damaged hair? This is especially important if you constantly do color or bleach treatments. You want a hair product that will bring you real results and a healthy shine, and doesn’t do further damage. While there are a variety of options, many are cheaply made and can do more harm to your fragile hair. Instead you want a trusted high quality product. Talk to your stylist about the best products for your hair.


Home Remedies

Besides using a quality bonder to repair damage, you can do some simple daily remedies to help maintain shine. Some of these remedies, admittedly, are very messy. You can use anything from an avocado and egg mix (be sure to remove the avocado pit!) to mayonnaise to return some luster and shine to your hair. There are numerous natural remedies that you can find quickly in your own kitchen. For example, rubbing softened butter in your hair can help replace shine.


Don’t forget the importance of what you eat and how it affects your hair when you are thinking about home remedies. Foods like salmon and flaxseed help feed oil glands that help your hair look shiny. Overall, a healthy diet of protein like low fat chicken or lentils will help feed your hair. Vitamin C helps repair broken strands. There are numerous fruits and vegetables with adequate vitamin C, including strawberries, lemons, oranges, green peppers, and broccoli. Stay hydrated with plain water.


Go Natural

Yes, you might want to hide those grays or show off the latest hair color trend this summer. However, if you find that your scalp is itchy and very irritated, or that nothing can make your hair healthy, it might be time to take a break from the coloring process. Avoid coloring, bleaching, or even using a hair dryer. Use heavy conditioners, quality hair repair products, and a little bit of time to let your healthy hair grow. A quick monthly trim of dead and severely damaged hair will also help.


After applying some of these great tips to your damaged color treated hair you will find that your hair has its original shine and strength. By taking care of your hair daily you ensure that it will maintain its elegance. Enjoy this summer with gorgeous hair and a new beautiful you!