The Basic Guide to Choosing Different Types of Pasta

Pasta is an underrated type of comfort food, it is versatile, filling, easy to make, and serves all of its purposes. It is the ultimate comfort food after a long day at work or it’s the most elite dish at the table when made to its original Italian standards.

While most of us are aware of the different kinds of pasta available, did you know that there are almost 350 kinds? Yeah! Neither did we.  In light of this here is a basic guide to the different pastas available. It isn’t all 350 kinds but it is enough to get you by.


Remember the Disney movie The Lady and the Tramp, yes that kind of pasta was spaghetti, the thin, cylindrical kind. You might have to break it before putting it to a boil. Pair it up with some homemade tomato sauce and throw in some meatballs for a wholesome meal. Whether it is purely for comfort or date night, you can never go wrong with spaghetti and meatballs.


Similar to spaghetti but different, fettuccine is faltered and slightly thicker. While they all look similar in the packet there is a clear difference between the two. This type of pasta works best with a creamy Alfredo sauce. However, if you are feeling lazy and looking for the best pasta Waurn Ponds has a few pasta joints that serve the tastiest creamy Alfredo you can try.


This type of pasta may not be as known as the others but is also a commonly used type. Wider than the Fettuccine this is steady and filling pasta. Ideal with Bolognese or even with seafood, a small portion can be quite filling.

All the above types of pasta are considered long pasta; however, you do also get the short pasta. This too has various types some that are more unfamiliar than others. Here are a few that we commonly see but might not have known the name for.


This is the hollow curvy pasta that is easily found in almost all grocery stores. The shape of it helps to retain more sauce and that is why it is great for macaroni and cheese. The ultimate comfort food, enjoyed at any time by anybody.


Much like spring this pasta is short and comes in spirals. It works well for minced meats and even veggies. Due to the spirals, it can trap in more sauce and can be mixed in with marinara. However, it is common to find this type of pasta in pasta salads, served chilled.


You absolutely cannot have missed this pasta. Shapes like a bow it is ideal to use when you want your dish to look cute as well as tasty. If you are planning a kiddie’s meal your go-to should be this pasta as it retains sauce, works well with a white sauce, and makes the dish look yummy for any child.

There are many more types of pasta, it’s a step-by-step process but this is a good start.