Foods That are Good For the Health

With the increase in general awareness on health and healthy living the amount of health foods and healthy meals have double in the market place. You can now find most restaurants selling healthy options and some of them actually have a few great options to choose from. There are also the pre-packed health meals that are available at some supermarkets. Although these options can be convenient it might not always be the best option for regular or daily use. Making your own snacks and meals are always best.

Raw Veggies Instead Of Dried and Salted Options


Sometimes consuming vegetables raw can help in keeping and developing a healthier you. Although raw vegetables are a great way to avoid added salt, sugar and oils it is also something that needs to be looked into before consuming. When it comes to vegetable, you know that they may possibly contain pesticide residues and might not be the best option for raw consumption. I’m such cases it is best to buy organic vegetables. These can be a bit pricier but they still remain the healthy option. Look to buy your vegetables in bulk and find ways on how to keep your fruit and veggies fresh. When you buy in bulk you can get a small discount. Storing them properly will help in keeping them for longer and thus enable you to have fresh vegetables regularly.

Coconut Water Instead Of Fizzy Drinks

Replace all your fizzy drinks with coconut water and homemade lemon juice. There are great in refreshing you without all the heaps of sugar that is found in most pre packed juices and fizzy drinks. Not only does coconut water contain the right amount of sugar and other nutrients, it also has the ability to cool your system down and make you feel full for longer. This way you will also avoid snacking on unwanted items.

Fresh Milk Instead Of Coffee

Although many may say milk is fattening and should be avoided, we still think milk is a great replacement to coffee. Instead of having many cups of coffee a day, you could replace it with cold or hot milk. The percentage of day in the milk can be up to you, what makes you comfortable is best. Some say that the days found in milk actually help in weight loss, but it might best to avoid full fat milk options and have skimmed or trimmed milk instead.

Nuts and Fruits Instead Of Cakes and Pastries

Although a replacement for cake might seem like the world is conning to an end, it can be a good idea to at least avoid having it as your regular go to snack. For your daily snacks it’s best to have nuts and fruits instead. You could make your own little combination with your favourite bits and dried fruits. You could pack them into different packages and keep them. This will make taking a pack to work every day easy and fun.

With a few changes such as these you can be sure to take the healthy road forward.