Gift Ideas for Aussie Football Fans

Have an over enthusiastic Australian football fan to give a gift to? Here are some ideas that will surely impress any Aussie diehard football lover:


This is the ultimate gift any football fan can get. Give your giftee AFL tickets this time around and he or she will be over the moon. AFL is kicking off a great season this year, and what sports fan don’t want to see a good game with their own eyes? This is also an affordable gift if you are strapped for cash.

Branded Beanies

Football fans are united in their love for the game, and also beanies with the logo of their favourite team stamped on. This is a great, and safe, gift for football fans of any gender. Beanies also don’t really need fittings. They will love wearing one to games.

Customized Phone Cases

Give a really useful gift by getting a phone case made for football lovers. You can buy phone cases for both Androids and smartphones decorated with football insignia and graphics. If you are really not sure what to get, this would be great. Also, a customized football phone case would be a great gift for a teen fan.


Yes, there are charms made just for football fans. If you want to give a fancy-looking gift that doesn’t cost much, this is the choice to go with. Charms can be expensive or inexpensive depending on the material. Some are made with actual gold leaf and will cost a lot. But most charms are cheap, and have football logos and similar stuff fans like to wear. There are also charms shaped like footballs. You can buy these for both men and women.

Labelled Water Bottles

What’s that one thing a football fan or a player cannot live without? You may have seen the gift recipient going to games and the stadium with a water bottle. Now you can buy him or her a water bottle with the team’s logo on it. There’s no better novelty gift than this.


Lanyards are fashionable with a certain crowd. If your gift recipient tends to hang IDs or keys around the neck, give him or her one of these. Lanyards have names and logos of football teams printed on. These are also dirt cheap. If you are seriously out of cash but still want to give a memorable gift, lanyards would be quite suitable indeed.

Football Soccer Alarm Clock

Buy an alarm clock shaped liked a football to the gift recipient. These are not overtly expensive, and are quite durable. Little football fans would love one. It’s a charming and also a very practical gift to give or receive.

FIFA 15 Video Games

Which football fan has never played the super popular FIFA video games? FIFA 15 is the latest addition to the series, and it’s available in Xbox, PlayStation and a number of other gaming consoles. If the gift recipient is a gamer as well as a football fan, this would be the perfect gift.

Get one of the above depending on how much you are willing to spend, and you will make a football fan very happy with your gift.