Gifts to Get Your Colleague for His / Her Recent Promotion

Getting a promotion means that it’s time to celebrate the right way. With your team mate slowly but surely climbing up the ladder, it will be a good idea to celebrate his/her achievement the right way. Getting all your team mates together would also be a good way. Perhaps you can throw them a mini surprise party to let them know that you are happy for them and wish to see them do even better in the years to follow. The teams can come together to get a combined gift or you can decide to keep it personal. The choice is yours. But here are a few gift ideas that will be sure to make your friend feel extra mighty.

Something for Their Vehicle

With a promotion comes an increment in pay, so surely they are likely to up their game when it comes to their lifestyle. Especially in the care with men they like to pay extra attention to their vehicles. Getting them a voucher for an upgrade would surely be appreciated. Now that they can also afford the extra expenses better they won’t mind such a gift. Perhaps you can consider getting something like HSV Exhaust System spice things up with their “bat mobile”. They will thank you for their improved driving experience and will surely enjoy driving to work even more. Since this can be a pricey gift option, it will be great to have the office team come together to get this for them. You could all pool in and give them this without one person eating into their budget.

Personalized Number Plates

A number plate made privately for him / her would be a fun gift. You can get it made in such a way that will state their achievement or just their name or something to signify the special event. Be it they use it on their car or just hang it on their office wall or on their door, won’t matter. What matters is that it’s going to be one gift they will all have a good laugh about and will definitely be one for the memory list. If the raise at the work place has now brought them to buy a new vehicle it will be even better as they can use it on their vehicle. But the intent of the gift will still remain to have a good laugh and give them something they will be able to keep for the years to come. Every time they have a look at it, it is truly bound to bring smiles on their faces.

A Personalized Achievement Photo

Get a group photo and get it signed and framed. Have all the friends and team mates write something special on it or sign on it and have it framed. Alternatively you can get a huge board that can be signed and photos pinned to it and gifted to the individual as a memory wall to be put up either at home or kept in their office. It will be a very unique and personal gift they are bound to cherish in the years to come. Not only will it be fun for them to go through, but it will also be fun for their family and friends to go through.

Whatever you decide on, remember it’s the thought that will count at the end of the day.