Making a Checklist for an Event or Party

The best way to get everything organized for a party or event is to make a checklist of everything you need. You’ll have to divide the pages equally and write down everything, from the very important to the least important before you start working on it. Get your notebook and start with the aspects listed below!

Invitation and Guests

The first element you need to write down is the list of guests you will be having, how many of them and when you can send the invitations. If the party is an informal one, then you really do not have to go all out on the invitations, simply a phone call would suffice. However, if we’re looking at a professional event, then formal invites need to go out at least 15 days prior to the event!

Theme and Colour

You should also focus on the theme you are going to go with and the colour combination you feel like will fit. This depends on whether or not you want a theme and if it is a party that requires one. You can always scroll online for inspiration, as you’re bound to find endless ideas!

Alcoholic Beverages

Next you have to focus on the alcoholic beverages. You can opt to purchase these online along when you buy ecig online so that your job is made much easier.

Decoration and Props

Once the theme has been decided, the decoration and props for the photo booth can be decided easily. This is also highly important!

Food and Drinks

This aspect is highly important. You need to write down food and drinks in red ink on your notebook, as this will have to be booked much earlier. You can opt for a caterer, but if the crowd is a small crowd, then you can gather a few friends and even make your own food. You need to ensure however that the food and drink fall within your budget and will be more than enough to serve to everyone at the party, as no one should go unfed!

Music and Games

The music has to fit the atmosphere, therefore along with the other items that you purchased, the music has to set the mood for the party. You can hire a DJ for once the party gets kick started, but prior to the guests arriving you will have to resort to light music that you can choose in a matter of minutes. Along with this, if the crowd that comes to this party is a fun crowd, you can also add a few fun games and activities to lighten the mood up or just to get everyone going!

Listed above were a few elements you might need to focus on when you’re making your final checklist for a party. This checklist is what will help you get through the entire planning process without a hiccup, therefore once you’re done making it, make sure you have plenty of copies as this is what you will be relying on!