Personalized Wine Glasses

Personalized wine glasses are one of those small gifts that can bring a smile to the face of even the very hard to buy for relative or friend. You can pretty much get any design onto a wine glass and with the right words, you can create a lasting memory of the day the gift was given.

They can be used for the place holders on the table for a wedding if you are feeling very flush (getting individual names on each one would be more expesnive) or simply use it as a wedding memento by putting details of the wedding on the glass.

Once you have decided you are going to create a custom wine glass you have a few choices to make. First off – what type of glass? If you are going for a custom wine glass – red, white or even a champagne flute? Remember though that there are lots of other different glasses that can be customised, including shot glasses and beer glasses as the most common.

Once you have decided on the glass type, you will be able to work on the design and the wording – remember the shape of the glass needs to come first – a flute is much more challenging shape to design for than a red wine glass!

Many websites offer a simple service to allow you to design your custom pattern and wording for the glass, either offering completely free hand, or by using one of the templates – one of the most common templates is a birthday glass design with a lipstick type kiss as the image!

As well as printing an image on the glass, there are other ways to customize the glass. These usually include either engraving or a monogram (usually your initials or for a wedding, intertwining initials of the couple). The resulting customisation is generally used for a more sophisticated gift such as a present rather than a table marker – ie something to look at rahter than use!

Most times these gifts are created as gift sets or baskets and presented in a lovely box to really show off the glasses.

Some of the more novelty personalisations allow you to choose glass styles for people with different hobbies such as fishing or musicians – ie they make novelty glasses which you can cusotmeise on a whole different level! Just be sure that the novelty value willbe appreciated byt the recipient, otherwise they may end up getting accidently broken rather quickly as they may find them a little tacky!