Top Autumn Winter Womens Fashion Trends

Wondering what is in store for Autumn and Winter fashion trends? Take a look at what will be turning heads in 2017.

Bold Reds

Both the MIlan and New York Fashion Weeks, along with a whole raft of journalists are in agreement; red is the top colour this season.  And not just red, but power red.  Find the bright, bold colour in everything from trousers to boots and coats to dresses.


Political Statements

Woman power made a big splash on this season’s runways with bold political statements being broadcast from designer T-shirts and tops.  Instead of relying on their brand logos as per usual, a lot of the big fashion houses stepped out with statements about the world and the woman’s place within it by literally spelling it out in big letters.


Gold And Silver

As with many women’s fashion trends, glitter is back again.  Look for sparkly boots in silver sequins, gold velvet formal wear and sleek silver pyjama sets.  Accessories also benefit from the metallic hue with purses and handbags shining brightly.


The Deconstructed Look

Taking things apart, rearranging them (or not) and adding mismatched layers is bold, daring and apparently the new norm this season.  Combining all sorts of textiles, materials and textures while doing away with traditionally typical components such as sleeves has created an anything-goes impression for a modern new world.


Dark Florals

No longer restricted to spring and summer, darker shaded and vintage floral prints are being found on coats, dresses and casual tops.  Of course, the natural print with a deep shade fits right in with the third season.


Bohemian Prints

Giving the clothing an ethnic, folky feeling, bohemian prints keep returning to the runway.  This fall sees a lot of attached fringes, patchworked materials and subdued colours.  Long flowing dresses, loose fitting bottoms and full length jumpsuits have all been given the boho treatment.



The plaid that’s appearing this fall is not the same plaid made so popular by the grunge movement of the 90s.  Today’s plaid is influenced by the 70s with its neutral gingham and checked prints.  The result is much more elegant than lumberjack.



Fur makes its appearance once again, although there seem to be two competing frontrunners.  Catering towards the ever growing animal rights and vegan community are brightly coloured faux furs that don’t resemble animal pelts at all.  On the other hand are the vintage inspired furs that make a statement in a more traditional way.


Track Suits

Not necessarily the type that you’d use at the gym, this is more leisure wear inspired.  Sporty and cozy at the same time, this season’s track suit sets allow you to feel okay about wearing them on a night out.


Luxury Denim

This season’s denim is mature, tailored and dark coloured.  The ripped, faded and distressed look has been superseded by something more sophisticated.  And not only will a good pair of blue jeans be a wardrobe staple, look to dresses, skirts, pantsuits and tops.