Vapes that Suit Wines

We all know that food is often paired with wine, such as a red meat goes well with a strong red, a Merlot or Malbec; Chardonnay is a popular white wine that is paired with chicken; Sauvignon Blanc complements white fish whereas Pinot Noir goes with seafood; and then there are grape varieties such as Pinot Grigio that are a bit of a “goes-with-anything-wine”.

That isn’t an extensive list, and of course the rules are there to be broken. But the art of pairing is not yet complete with simply choosing a food to eat. In the past, people had been complementing their tobacco with wines, particularly with pipe-smoking, but more recently people have turned their attention to flavour fusions between wine and their e-cigarette vaporizers, or vapes.

The Flavour is in the Vapour

Unlike traditional cigarettes, which are restricted to traditional tobacco flavour or menthol (provided via the filter), a vape is able to provide several different tastes to the user. Suppliers of e-liquid are able to provide users with classic and traditional flavours, as well as other indulgent tastes such as coffee and fruits. Some of the suppliers also produce blended flavours with themes such as ‘The Amazonian’, or ‘Ragtime Raconteur’, which provide a mixture of flavours to be inhaled.

Considering that the e-liquid inside the vapouriser can take on such a distinct flavour, it is no wonder then, that it can be paired with wine in the same way that certain cuisine is completed by different grape varieties. Here are some ideas of how to match your e-cigarette with any wine:

  • Red Wines

Merlot – often is complemented well by a strong fruit flavour, such as grape (naturally) or red apple.

Pinot Noir – will go well with a creamy type of flavour, such as coffee or dark chocolate.

Shiraz – the wine itself packs a punch, so you’ll need a mouthy cherry flavour or a spicy blend.

  • White Wines

Chardonnay – is a very succulent wine so you’ll need some creamy flavour such as vanilla or white chocolate

Sauvignon Blanc – is a very delicate, citrusy wine, so a lemon or orange flavoured vape will work well.

Riesling – is a very sweet wine, so no surprises that it will go well with toffee or caramel flavours

  • Others

Champagne – the natural choice for this would be succulent strawberries.

Rose – A Zinfandel Blush or Pinot Grigio type wine would work well with green apples flavour or for a true Rose try watermelon.

Mixing it Up

One of the main benefits of e-liquids in vapes is that you can get them to taste of just about anything. Manufacturers now make the liquids in a variety of flavours to give off all sorts of tastes. You can play around with the tastes according to a flavour that you like, and see if it goes with your favourite wine too. There is currently a huge community of vapers trying out the same thing.

Whether you are new to vaping and just trying it out for the taste, or you are seasoned in the delights of trying out the different flavours, if you’re a fan of fine wine you’ll also want to try your hand at pairing. Many are currently enjoying matching e-liquid flavours with popular wines, since they can complement each other. The world has moved on from regular cigarettes and simply matching wine with food.